Construction Cleanup
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People are excited once the construction phase comes to an end. However, no sooner does the dust settle than most people realize that now they have a new, potentially bigger problem on their hands: the cleanup.

When you work with A‑1 Professional Cleaning you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the construction is done. We have specialized teams who tackle the challenge of post-construction cleaning all over Bryan and College Station, TX. Whether you just completed that professional high-rise, remodeled the kitchen in your home or you added a new wing to your office building, we’re here to help. No job is too big!

As you probably found during the construction process, dirt and dust from construction tends to get everywhere: on top of the door jambs, on the ceiling, even inside drawers and cabinets. If not cleaned correctly the first time, dirt can stir up and land on surfaces making it look as if it was never cleaned. Trust and allow our professional crews to handle all aspects of the clean up assuring you a sparkly clean facility once clean up is final.

Our professional crews are specially trained in all aspects and types of services to contain and clean all the dust and debris from your construction project. From the ceilings to the floors, inside of cabinets and drawers, to light fixtures, floors and much more! We can even go outside and pressure wash those spaces that might have been hit the worst with the construction process.

When you complete your construction project, let us handle the cleanup so you can enjoy the new space you’ve added or improved.

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